[2020/3/10] Book OS v0.7.1 is published.

optimize the process scheduling algorithm

optimize file descriptor management

add graphical interface with multiple Windows

improve user - mode graphical interface

separate user and system libraries

fixed some bugs in the system

simple init configuration file

add video and input driver framework

[2020/3/2] Book OS v0.7.0 is published.

make a simple GUI.

add gtty driver

bosh run base on gtty

update time management

add a calender application with terminal

add ls, ps, mv, cp, mm, echo buildin command

make pipe and redirect in bosh

add null device driver

[2020/2/24] Book OS v0.6.9 is published.

make a simple GUI.

[2020/2/10] Book OS v0.6.8 is published.

refactor source directory.

[2020/2/8] Book OS v0.6.7 is published.

mouse driver, update keyboard driver, vesa video driver, kernel graph core-KGC.

[2020/1/30] Book OS v0.6.6 is published.

add serial debugging mechanism, add RTL8139 network card driver, add user library files, add a buzzer driver, add low memory fragment management.

[2019/12/29] Book OS v0.6.5 is published.

Add signal mechanism to support most commonly used unreliable signals.

[2019/12/19] Book OS v0.6.4 is published.

add pipe and fifo pipe

[2019/12/11] Book OS v0.6.3 is published.

add tty and bosh(book os shell)

[2019/12/1] Book OS v0.6.2 is published.

file system BOFS v0.3

[2019/11/24] Book OS v0.6.1 is published.

[2019/10/31] Book OS v0.6.0 is published.

[2019/8/22] Book OS v0.5.2 is published.

[2019/8/12] Book OS v0.5.1 is published.

[2019/8/11] Book OS v0.5.0 is published.

[2019/5/13] Book OS v0.4 is published.

[2019/5/ 2] Book OS v0.39 is published.

[2019/4/ 6] Book OS v0.3 is published.

[2019/2/20] Book OS v0.2 is published.

[2019/1/ 7] Book OS v0.1 is published.